Is Resso Safe To Use?

It would seem, what security threats can a music streaming application carry? After all, this is a toy for music lovers, where they can get satisfaction from listening to their favorite music, post their own works and even receive some money for this, which is called royalties.

But, it turns out, not everything is so simple. The owner of Resso and the popular video streaming service TikTok is the Chinese company ByteDance, which continues to be considered the most promising startup in the world, despite the problems in some countries. According to the latest estimates, ByteDance is worth $95-140 billion. The rapid rise and global popularity of TikTok ensured the takeover of rival, which already had an audience in the West. The deal was estimated at $800 million. Facebook was also going to buy But the social network abandoned this idea for several reasons: too young audience (there are more requirements for the protection of personal data of minors) and country of origin ( is also a Chinese company).

Is Resso Safe To Use

But after a while, entire countries began to prohibit the video service. For example, it was banned by the United States and India. It was India that excelled in blocking products from Chinese manufacturers, officially banning as many as 58 applications.

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TikTok has had problems with the United States before. In 2019, the American authorities fined him $5.7 million for collecting personal data from users up to 13 years old without parental consent. TikTok had to add a “kiddie mode” to the app, which forbids filming and posting videos. TikTok was later banned from use by the US military. And if they refused to uninstall the application, they were threatened with a complete shutdown of the Internet. The UK and Indonesia had similar claims to TikTok. They announced the distribution of pornography through the application and the possibility of the presence of pedophiles there. The main audience of the video service is adolescents and young children.

But does Resso belong to this Chinese manufacturer too? Could this music streaming service be dangerous? There is no definite answer to this question. But, apparently, he does not pose a danger. Since the same India, strict in terms of information security, has not banned this service. Just as the United States has not banned it. But so far there is no objective information that this music streaming service collects personal data from users. At least, so far, he has not been caught in this, therefore, he is considered safe.

Concerns about the relative danger of Resso arose precisely against the backdrop of problems with TikTok. This is just an informational background that can be considered negative.

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