Is ROXi A Subscription?

Streaming services appeared relatively recently, but at the same time, in a short period of time, they managed to become a harmonious and integral segment of the modern world. Music streaming is the process of streaming music or video content in real time. The user will not need to save this information on any of the physical media.

With video streaming, as with music streaming, users get access to content, usually by subscription. An example is the well-known ROXi platform.

A distinctive feature of such streaming is that the service here is not just a platform on which third parties can upload content. It itself determines what content will be uploaded, as well as the rules for accessing and using it. Many people think that by paying for a subscription, they can no longer violate the terms of use. In fact, all the user can do is view and listen to the content in person.

Is ROXi A Subscription

It is possible to create copies despite protection measures, even with the help of encryption keys. Such keys do not allow those who have not subscribed to the service to see the content, but users resort to the help of third-party applications and get free access.

ROXi has a free version on a permanent basis. The free version of the application allows you to access almost 60,000 videos and a multimillion-dollar library of music content. About half of ROXi users use the free version of the application. Like any free version of the streaming service, it has a number of limitations and inconveniences for users. For example, the broadcast is constantly interrupted by ads, the main purpose of which is to motivate the user of the free version to purchase a premium subscription. After all, a paid subscription will save him from the need to constantly watch and listen to commercials. The free version is used by about half of the users of the streaming platform.

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But the other half uses a premium subscription. It will cost $6.99 a month in the US and the same, just £1 in the UK. By the standards of these countries, the cost of a subscription is simply ridiculous. But the paid version allows you to listen to music and watch video clips without ads.

The streaming video service is especially popular among owners and visitors of bars, restaurants, pubs and cafes. Thanks to streaming music broadcasting, you can completely solve the problem of background music in other public institutions.

The music streaming industry is evolving, so there will be other new features coming to the service in the future. For example, users may be invited to attend an artist’s concert virtually using virtual reality glasses. And this is just one of the promising areas of the music streaming video service. Music industry analysts say that in the near future, it is the combination of music and video content that will become the optimal ratio for the vast majority of music lovers.

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