Is Serato Or Traktor Better?

If you are into DJing, then it is unlikely that you could not hear about the special programs for DJing Serato and Traktor. This software is used by many DJs, both beginners and professionals in this exciting profession.

But how to choose between them if you are going to use one of them? Therefore, it is necessary to make a more detailed comparison in order to make the right and meaningful choice.

The two main players in the digital control market today are Strato and Traktor.

Let’s make a quick comparison:

  • Stability: Over time, Serato has earned a reputation for being a truly stable program. Hard work has always been a top priority and earned him immense respect. To date, the Tractor has made significant progress in terms of reliability. Both are virtually free from sudden inexplicable crashes, but neither is free from bugs.
  • Display: Serato wins in this area unconditionally. The color wave (bass red, mid blue, green high) according to the frequencies makes it easy for you to work and makes it really professional. The tractor only gives you one type of monochrome display.
  • Tracks: SERATO takes full advantage of the new i7 processors by analyzing 4 tracks at the same time (on a dual-core processor with Hyper-Threading technology), which significantly reduces the time of this operation. Traktor only analyzes one track at a time.
  • Display: SERATO provides you with 4 ways to view your decks. Traktor does not allow you to change deck display options.
  • Vinyl or CD? Control via vinyl is absolutely realistic, but the density of digital sound is incomparable. Both programs have 3 different modes, with the same name but different functions.
  • Absolute mode is similar to a regular CD, you can use cue points, you can use loops directly from the CD and you will control the absolute position of the track.
  • In Traktor, the control CD is divided into three tracks.
  • Traktor automatically switches from absolute to relative mode if you’re going to loop through the software (which has always been the best option).
  • Both programs go into internal mode after playing a track.
  • Both programs can use the HID protocol with configuration differences.
  • Both programs work great with CD timecode management, although Traktor’s automatic mode switching feature is very useful. The Serato community has repeatedly requested an identical feature that will apparently be available in the near future. Serato needs its card to work, while Traktor uses CDJ’s built-in sound cards.

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It is impossible to tell if there is a winner between them. In Europe, the Traktor is considered the flagship instrument of the digital vinyl system, while in the US, Serato is the leader. It’s not even a tribute to fashion. Don’t be fooled by the prestige of the American music market, but ask yourself what you expect from your program and what it has to offer, and above all, use your ears and intuition to make the right decision.

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