Is Shazam owned by Apple?

Shazam is a cross-platform application that is built to identify music. With its help, for example, you can easily determine the name of the song being played. The company itself was founded back in 1999, and its head office is located in London.

Using the Shazam app is pretty straightforward. To do this, the user records on the microphone a fragment of a musical composition that is playing anywhere. Then the program compares this fragment with the central database. If the comparison is successful, then the user receives all the necessary information about this music track. The platform has nearly twenty million songs at its disposal today.

Shazam has a wide range of functionality. It is capable of identifying any sound from almost any source as long as the background noise is low. Shazam supports iOS, Android, macOS, WatchOS devices.

The app was purchased by Apple on December 11, 2017. According to market analysts, the Cupertino-based corporation paid more than $ 400 million to acquire the app. But the deal in the near future may bring a profit that significantly exceeds the cost of buying.

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But in April of the following year, the deal was challenged by the European Commission. She believed that Apple Inc. in this case, she violated antitrust laws. But the investigation did not last long. Already in September 2018, the European Commission approved the takeover of Shazam without seeing clear signs of abuse.

The acquisition by the California-based company of the popular music recognition service has not only increased the number of Apple Music subscribers, but also the service itself. The new owners have made it as easy and comfortable as possible to use the popular platform. Not only did they completely remove all ad content, they also overhauled some of Shazam’s features. Along with the ownership of the trademark, the entire professional Shazam development team was transferred to Apple.

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