Is Shazam stronger than Superman?

It is actually not so easy to answer the seemingly simple question of which popular hero is stronger. The answer is not straightforward.

Both Superman and Shazam have similar qualities and abilities. Both heroes are incredibly strong, they are practically invulnerable to enemies. Each of them can fly at great speed. Superman has heat vision, cold breath, and other useful abilities. But Shazam can create lightning and transfer a share of his enormous power to other heroes. If we consider all of the above, then the chances of being recognized as the strongest for both heroes are approximately equal.

If we consider only pure power, then almost all comics give the palm to Superman. Sometimes it seems that the possibilities of his power are endless, they are limited only by the imagination of the creator of this character. The humble Kansas country boy measures his strength in the billions of tons.

Magic is considered the main power of Shazam. It is magic that is Superman’s vulnerability. It is with her help that the superhero’s defense can be defeated. Shazam’s determination to quickly end the fight with his victory forces him to make the most of the lightning generation. It is with her help that he is able to defeat Superman.

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But the vast majority of superhero battles end very quickly and almost in a draw. Both Shazam and Superman are friendly and kind guys, so they don’t fight each other in full force. The confrontation between two superheroes lasts from comic to comic. If Shazam’s magic overwhelms the superman, then it only happens temporarily. Next, Superman takes over his rival.

But in the case when you have to confront a common enemy, both superheroes consolidate their incredible abilities and their enormous strength. It is this quality that allows them to win and restore trampled justice.

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