Is Sonos Good Quality?

When choosing audio equipment for yourself, you are probably considering purchasing Sonos products. It is one of the most popular world-class brands that manufactures sound reproduction equipment using innovative technologies and the latest technological advances.

There are many useful features available in the Sonos app. On the start page, you can add a wide range of services and playlists. However, due to the abundance of functions, it can be difficult for beginners to figure it out. If you use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can control your speakers with your voice. Everything here works similarly to classic Sonos speakers.

Sonos speakers are set up the same as regular Sonos products. After connecting the power, the application should be launched. The user then needs to go through the setup process. It is intuitive. During the setup process, you can not only link the speaker to the room, but also create a stereo pair. That is, two Symfonisk columns can be used together. And with a sound projector, you can configure a surround sound system.

Of course, we were interested in evaluating the sound quality of the Sonos speakers. It should be noted that the perception of audio is subjective, so each user perceives sound differently.

We got two regular Sonos speakers to test, so we were able to test both single and stereo configurations. If you put a compact speaker directly in front of you, you immediately pay attention to decent low frequencies even at moderate volume. However, if you listen closely, Sonos brought the 80Hz range to the fore so that the absence of the lowest frequencies was not noticeable. In principle, this approach provides good background sound.

The compact speaker pleased with good high frequencies and quite tangible mids. The speakers are tuned so that they give a pleasant sound picture without accentuating any ranges. Of course, demanding users will miss the nuances, but Sonos compact speakers are not designed for audiophiles.

Another topic is surround sound and virtual stage reproduction. Of course, large multi-speaker speakers such as the Sonos Play 5 produce a rather more tangible surround sound. They provide a fuller and more spacious sound. In addition, the stereo configuration sounds better at higher volume levels.

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In terms of sound quality, almost all Sonos speakers resemble previously released models from this manufacturer. There is nothing wrong with that, the sound quality is good.

The appearance of acoustics pleasantly pleases, as well as the concept of work. Of course, not all speakers from Sonos are suitable for audiophiles in terms of sound quality, but they work out their price honestly. By the way, entry-level Sonos models have never been so cheap when compared to similar products from competitors.

The main feature of Sonos can be considered the smart home ecosystem. In this direction, the company really succeeded, significantly ahead of its main competitors. It was Sonos who pioneered the introduction of a wireless communication system in the concept of a smart home.

So, Sonos products have many advantages that make it one of the world market leaders. But the objective sound quality, if we consider audio systems solely from this point of view, is still in some sense inferior to competitors.

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