Is Sonos Owned By Apple?

The world-famous manufacturer of musical equipment, the American company Sonos, is deservedly considered one of the most popular, sought-after and high-quality global brands in this segment of the music industry. But at the same time, Sonos is considered perhaps the most expensive brand. But in this case, the quality fully justifies the high price.

The company was founded in 2002 by John MacFarlane, Craig Shelbourne, Tom Cullen and Trung Mai. The company’s general office is located in a very picturesque place in California – Santa Barbara. The company’s products are distributed almost all over the world. Sonos has opened 12 regional offices in different countries.

If you look at the company’s officially published performance, in 2021 it generated $1.72 billion in revenue. Of this amount, net income after taxes and operating expenses is $159 million. In 2022, the company has more than one and a half thousand employees, most of whom are engaged in the production of musical equipment.


Sonos was the first company in the world to introduce wireless technology, which not only significantly increased the number of sales of the company’s equipment, but was also a huge step in introducing innovative technologies in this area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe music industry.

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But who now owns a famous music brand? In August 2018, Sonos went public, trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol SONO. Sonos has no direct relation to the ownership of Apple Corporation.

In addition, in 2019 Sonos acquires Snips SAS. It is a privacy-focused artificial intelligence voice platform for connected devices to provide their devices with a music assistant. That is, Sonos products have their own musical assistant based on artificial intelligence. So far, only a few manufacturers of musical equipment for sound reproduction can boast of such opportunities.

Sonos produces a wide range of products, has three retail stores in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Japan.

Sonos products are multiple winners of various awards in prestigious international competitions, in which modern manufacturers of musical sound equipment participate.

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