Is Sonos Worth Getting?

Since its inception, Sonos has made a big bet on adapting to modern technology, wireless communication, control via its application and other devices, creating a true Sonos ecosystem. With a sophisticated design, Sonos introduces versatile soundbars that don’t stop at the TV but can be used as music speakers, perfect for playing Spotify playlists or connecting to your laptop via Wi-Fi.

Strengths of Sonos:

  1. Where Sonos suffers the most is smartphone compatibility. If you’re looking for a smart home that you can control everything from your phone, Sonos is well on its way, allowing you to change the sound and settings in just a few clicks, for example.
  2. Thanks to the Ethernet input, you can even set up Wi-Fi directly and thus benefit from greater reliability and a wider streaming range. Ideally, you can create a smart home ecosystem with Sonos products.
  3. As for the app, Sonos’s is a little more intuitive than Bose’s, and we can see the brand has been working in this direction for a long time, offering a lot of options and possible settings.
  4. Sonos excels, for example, with the Sonos Arc night option, a night mode that reduces sudden vibrations and amplifies the sound, which is great for listening late at night when the kids are sleeping, or when your walls are thin and don’t bother your neighbors.
  5. The sound quality and especially the power is excellent. If you’re looking for a cinematic surround sound effect, with the bass shaking the ground as Godzilla approaches in the Blu-ray version, the Sonos prove to be very effective, especially the latest ARC version.
  6. If you’re also into music, Sonos might be the best choice as their models are optimized for a variety of uses, including Spotify streaming services and other streaming options, and built-in speakers.

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But, like almost any audio equipment, Sonos has its drawbacks. With its high-level claim and focus on advanced and wireless technology, Sonos plays on prices that are sometimes quite high and may turn off some buyers. In addition, users note the following shortcomings of the popular brand:

  • Although the quality depends on the features and needs of use, and according to your own requirements, Bose offers more affordable soundbar models with the same excellent quality.
  • If for some the fact of being able to control everything using a phone or tablet is an advantage, then for others it can also be a negative point. For example, if the battery is dead in the phone, or simply if you do not have a smartphone, you find yourself limited in functionality, since there is no remote control.
  • Even if you don’t use an ios device, as the app, as great as it is, only works with Apple devices like the iPhone. So you won’t be able to use it if you’re on Android, which reduces versatility on the user side.
  • Finally, it should be noted that Sonos soundbars do not have Bluetooth connectivity, which can sometimes be a disadvantage depending on the devices you want to use.
  • Even if the Wi-Fi wireless connection strength is higher, some Bluetooth-only applications and functions will not be compatible.

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