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Is SoundCloud A Free Service?

Music streaming service SoundCloud is hardly an old-timer in the music streaming industry. But over the few years that it has been operating, this service has gained many fans around the world and has become one of the leaders in the music market.

If you have complex tastes and neither Spotify nor Apple Music nor Google Play Music satisfies your music listening needs, then you can try another paid streaming service. This is SoundCloud, a product of the famous artist and mixer platform that will add artists, songs and additional features for those who subscribe.


SoundCloud invites artists to upload their music and showcase their creativity. Please note that SoundCloud does not own your music. SoundCloud is a German music company. It is an online audio distribution platform as well as a music sharing website. SoundCloud allows its users to download music for free and promote it if they have full rights to do so. Soundcloud is mainly for music lovers who want to pursue music in their careers.

For $9.99 per month — or $12.99 for those who subscribe to the service through the iOS app — users will be able to enjoy all the content on the platform without being distracted by ads, and be able to listen to music and podcasts available even without signal or internet connection. Like most of its competitors, SoundCloud offers a 30-day free trial, and its subscriptions can be canceled by its owners at any time.

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SoundCloud is one of the best HiFi music streaming services for audiophiles due to its remarkable compatibility with various audio systems. At a fairly competitive price, it allows you to listen to music in high definition, with wide compatibility between devices and audio systems. His catalog includes about 70 million tracks.

Among the strengths of this platform is definitely a great app with intuitive usage and nice interface. For those who prefer not to install anything on their computer (or maybe work), they can still listen to music in the browser via the web player.

The streaming service has a free version, which is available on an ongoing basis to any user. This version has a significant number of restrictions compared to the paid version of the app. But at the same time, all basic functions remain available to the user. Therefore, the free version of the application suits many streaming music lovers. The SoundCloud app that offers its free service is one of the biggest advantages over many of the leading music streaming services.

If a user wants to switch to a premium subscription after using the free version of the application, then it is enough for him to fill out an application on the company’s website and enter his payment details. A premium subscription does not oblige the subscriber to constantly pay for the services of the service. If he decides to turn off premium services, he will simply revert to the free basic version of this music streaming app.

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