Is SoundCloud free?

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Soundcloud is an online music streaming web portal based in Germany. It offers its users to upload, promote, and share music over the net. It started its journey in 2007 by Eric Wahlforss and Alexander Ljung. Soon SoundCloud became the world’s largest online music streaming site with more than 175 million users per month. It offers a both free and paid version for a website which are suitable for both desktop and mobile devices. SoundCloud has influenced the music industry via the success of many artists who appeared in the music-sharing site. In this site, artists have a scope to distribute their work for free, which is accessible to all. Despite having many investors such as Twitter, the site has gone through a financial crisis and had to lay off their employers.

How to open a Soundcloud account?

singing up a Soundcloud account is too simple. ou can get connected through your own mobile, email, google, Facebook, or Apple id.  You can Sign up for free, and it gives you unlimited listening, as well as great creator features such as the ability to upload your content for 180 minutes.
No matter what happens or wherever you are, you should never miss listening. You can always download the free app of SoundCloud from the google play store or iPhone app store and then listen to your playlist. If you want, you can also monitor your SoundCloud account by installing the SoundCloud Pulse app on your android or iOS. The Soundcloud software is exclusively for developers for replying to comments and getting recent statistics.

Subscription Forms

Soundcloud is open for all platforms, especially for its fans and developers. You can listen to numerous songs for free in Soundcloud that you will not find elsewhere for free. To give you something out of your listening experience, we also launched SoundCloud Go. You can access the entire collection on SoundCloud by upgrading to SoundCloud Go, with offline listening and Ad-Free streaming