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Is SoundCloud Legal?

SoundCloud is a music platform founded in Germany in 2008. As a pioneer in music distribution and streaming services, it is commonly used at home and abroad. With over 200 million monthly active users, it is very popular overseas as one of the world’s largest music apps.

The big difference between SoundCloud and subscription-based services lies in the method by which the sound source is distributed. Unlike Apple Music and Spotify, SoundCloud allows registered users to upload and distribute their own songs. In any case, we can say that this is a service close to YouTube. In essence, it is impossible to listen to publicly released music, but it is typical to enjoy unique music, such as music from new artists full of originality, and free celebrity sound sources. Of course, SoundCloud isn’t just for listening to your own music content for free.

SoundCloud Legal

In 2022, the number of songs distributed by SoundCloud exceeded 200 million. Considering that Apple Music has about 70 million songs, Spotify has about 70 million songs, and Amazon Music has about 65 million songs, you can understand this huge number. The unique charm of SoundCloud is that you can enjoy a variety of music released by artists from all over the world for free.

SoundCloud also has music that is not available on other platforms. For example, there are various things that you will not hear anywhere else, such as demo sounds of famous artists, mixes of popular DJs and trailers of the latest albums. Since it’s free, it’s also a credit to SoundCloud that you can release a wide variety of music.

SoundCloud is a service where any professional or amateur can freely host music. Therefore, a wide range of people release music, from well-known performers to unknown newcomers.

SoundCloud is a place where you can enjoy a lot of music, DJ mixes, cover songs, demo audio sources, and more, but there are some caveats when using it.

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First, unlike other music apps, it only supports streaming. Please pay attention to communication restrictions, etc., depending on the details of the terminal contract. Also, in rare cases, some users may illegally download the real sound source and not the cover or remix.

Secondly, this music streaming service has many social network features. This is truly an ingenious invention that does credit to its developers. Social networks have become the trend of the present time, and this option makes the streaming platform popular among users. With SoundCloud, you can share music content with your friends, comment and rate songs, like and dislike, and so on. But like any social network, this service also has disadvantages inherent in social networks.

Thus, we can conclude that this music streaming service is not only legal, but also popular among users in many countries around the world. And its popularity is growing day by day.

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