Is Soundstripe Legal?

Almost any modern DJ or person who creates his own videos is familiar with the problem of selecting licensed music. This question is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Listeners who listen to pleasant music are more likely to experience positive experiences. Even something as neutral as background music has been proven to affect our moods. Music can make your projects more fun, impactful and irresistible at the same time.

Whether you’re making funny social media videos, compelling commercials for your products, or even audiovisual learning materials, music will always have a positive impact on your viewers.

If you create your own video for the purpose of its further placement on one of the popular video platforms, then in this case you will also have to reckon with the need to comply with copyright, because if your video clip has background or other music that is not licensed, then your material is simply banned.

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You can purchase royalty-free music from the Soundstripe website. This platform can offer its subscribers at least five thousand licensed tracks, each of which is recorded in high sound quality. By using this licensed music, you can always have peace of mind about copyright issues. If you purchase a subscription to this service, you can use any of the proposed songs without problems.

Any of the purchased songs are already automatically licensed, so you do not need to further prove your rights. Any video hosting where you are going to host your video with music purchased from Soundstripe will not have any claims against you.

So, the question of whether Soundstripe can be considered a legal music service is decided by itself. This is a completely legal platform, cooperation with which can bring you a solution to many problems when creating video content and posting it on popular video services. You can also monetize them.

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