Is Soundstripe Music Free?

Before talking about the sites themselves, let’s understand what is royalty-free music? Royalty-free is a license for multiple use of a track without regular and additional payments. There is another license – Rights Managed, there is a regular fee for use and geographic restrictions.

There are several types of licenses:

  1. Royalty-free allows you to pay for a track once and use it an infinite number of times.
  2. Rights managed – in this type of license, you can buy the rights and then no one will be able to use this track.
  3. Creative Commons – there is a license where you can specify the author and use the track for free.

However, stock royalty-free music is not free. Even though you don’t pay a royalty for each use of a track, you still have to pay for the use.

But having bought the rights to a composition once, it can be used in an unlimited number of projects. That is, when purchasing a royalty-free license for a melody, the buyer pays a fixed fee once, regardless of whether the video with this soundtrack gets one hundred or ten thousand views.

A royalty-free license has a lot of advantages: legality, ease of purchase and low cost. Few people have the time and desire to deal with the legal side of the copyright issue. That is why royalty-free audio stocks are a real salvation for many. For example, for a marketer who needs to create an explainer video, as well as for a developer releasing a game or mobile application.

Thus, a royalty-free music license helps level the playing field for startups, SMEs, and any company that is promoting a digital product.

The site is not a store of licensed tracks, but a service that provides services exclusively by subscription. By paying a membership, the user gets access to a collection of songs and materials for creating music.

In addition, the site does not set a limit on the number of downloads. Any compositions are licensed royalty-free, they can be used in both personal and commercial projects.

The service is easy to navigate: the libraries are divided by genre, mood and duration. A pleasant visual design of the site helps in the search. The interface is intuitive. Even an inexperienced user can deal with it.

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If you’re familiar with Spotify’s playlist organization, Soundstripe’s search should be easy to navigate. Navigation on the site is simple. Annual subscriptions start at 135.

Is Soundstripe Music Free

So, if you have purchased a monthly or annual subscription to Soundstripe, then you can use all the music content that this site offers without limit. We can say that by paying a monthly subscription fee, you get a lifetime license for a particular musical composition that you decide to use when creating videos or as a DJ.

But you should also understand that access to licensed music will be limited to the duration of your subscription to the services of the service. As soon as the subscription ends. You will no longer be able to use the licensed musical compositions presented on the service.

By the way, the Soundstripe music library has more than five thousand songs. This is not very much compared to other similar platforms, but it is quite enough for users.

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