Is Spotify a free service?

The swedish music streaming service Spotify is today one of the most popular platforms in the world, providing users with access to a huge library of licensed music with over 60 million tracks today. And the number of listeners has exceeded 300 million, of which almost half are paid service subscribers.

Spotify is one of the few services that provide free access to licensed digital content. Every user will be able to get this opportunity by simply registering with Spotify and creating their own personal account. The streaming service also provides a paid subscription – Premium, for which a monthly subscription fee will be debited from the user’s account.

The free version differs from the paid version by the presence of ad units, the lack of the ability to download music for subsequent offline listening, as well as the lower sound quality of the tracks being listened to (you cannot select the maximum bitrate of 320 Kbps).

But the restrictions do not pose any particular inconvenience to the user, without creating the feeling that the main function of the free version is solely to lure out of premium users. The free version of the application is available on all types of gadgets.

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The functionality of the free version makes it possible to constantly and fully use it, without switching to a premium subscription, although avid music lovers still prefer the paid version of the service with an extended list of functions.

Users of the swedish streaming service can get a free long term of premium plan. To do this, they must follow the offers and promotions that this company often conducts for its listeners. For example, when the service enters the market of a new country, subscribers of some mobile operators with whom the service has entered into partnership agreements, get the opportunity to use the premium plan for free for three or six months.

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