Is Spotify A Hi-Fi?

The global music market leader Spotify has offered users an alternative to listening to music with higher sound quality. The option, dubbed Spotify HiFi, has arrived in some countries and will be available to anyone who pays an additional fee.

With this feature, it will be possible to listen to streaming music in CD quality in a lossless standard, that is, without loss of quality due to compression. speakers.

The highest sound quality option will make Spotify join some of the competition – Deezer HiFi and Tidal HiFi. Amazon Music has a high-quality audio version, but it’s still in testing mode. Apple Music does not have a completely equivalent version.

The modality consists of the ability to listen to CD-quality music in a lossless standard. Thus, the audio will be played without loss of quality due to compression. The new plan aims to deliver higher quality audio. But a year after the presentation, the lossless modality is not only not available in the vast majority of countries around the world, but still does not have a date for access to users.

A few words about the standard sound quality in Spotify. Spotify audio quality varies by plan and platform. For mobile and desktop applications, the service uses HE-AACv2 at 24Kbps and Ogg Vorbis at 96, 160, and 320Kbps, the latter only for paid subscribers. The web app (browser) uses AAC format at 128Kbps (Free plan) and 256Kbps (Premium plan).

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Recall that the lossless project on streaming platforms began with Tidal in 2015, announced by rapper Jay-Z. The launch campaign also included other important artists to highlight the streaming and differential that will bring the quality of the studio to the ears of subscribers.

The lossless audio feature is not available in all countries where the Swedish music streaming service is legal. First of all, the innovation appeared in the EU countries, North America, Australia and New Zealand, and, of course, in the UK. It is in these countries that the green music streaming giant generates the most profits and, accordingly, the highest profitability due to the high average cost of the premium subscription and the large number of expensive advertising in the free version.

According to Spotify representatives, in the future, the Hi-Fi function will be available in an increasing number of countries and regions of the world. The rapid introduction of such an option by the competitors of the market leader forces Spotify to act very quickly in order not to lose its position in the global music market.

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