Is Spotify An Official Service?

Spotify is currently the most complete music streaming service, offering the largest database of songs that are largely free to play.

This streaming service is originally from Sweden, where it began its ascent to the top of the world music Olympus back in 2006. Today, this streaming platform has almost 380 million active monthly users, of which 155 million have paid accounts. The service legally works in most countries of the world on all continents, constantly discovering new countries. Let us briefly describe the main advantages and disadvantages of this music streaming platform. By the way, it is Spotify that owns 36% of the global music market, being its undisputed leader. Spotify completely changed the music world when it entered the global music market. Almost the only country where Spotify is banned is China.


The application is also available for almost all popular platforms, both for computers and smartphones. The site is supported by numerous Smart TVs and multi-room speakers. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a service for everyone, nor is it perfect. The desktop app is not minimalistic and has been visually a little dated lately. The music base is incomplete, and due to ads and restrictions on mobile devices, the free version is quickly becoming a problem. However, it’s worth trying Spotify at least once a month.

 Spotify is available for all three of the most popular Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms with dedicated versions for tablets. Applications are designed in the style of the site, not the system, which is their advantage, because regardless of the device, we will find ourselves in them without any problems. Subscribers can download songs for offline playback on their device. However, without a premium account, you can listen to music randomly, which is not possible with the competition. Music on Spotify Connect is also managed through the mobile app.

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Spotify Connect is a website access and playback control feature between mobile devices present in multi-room speakers and smart TVs. For example, if you have Spotify enabled on your computer, you can control Spotify playback on your smartphone. The big advantage is the wide availability of the service – we can find it in multi-room speakers from Samsung, Philips, Panasonic, Bose and many others. On Spotify Connect, we control playback from the Spotify app, not from dedicated apps.

Spotify has a player in the browser, but it’s not very popular, in fact it’s buried deep. The default solution is an application available for Windows, OS X, and even Linux. True, its appearance has aged a little, but it is still quite comfortable and functional. In addition to our playlists, we can also view what our friends from Facebook are currently listening to. In addition, through applications, we can throw in our own pieces that Spotify lacks in order to mix them with those available on the service.

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