Is Spotify better than Apple music?

Now, that is a good question. What in the world can be better than Spotify with its mastodon hall of songs, albums, and podcasts, Spotify fans will ask? Apple is the world’s most famous technology service, Apple fans will counter, and all parts of it are equally good. 

It’s your decision whether you should prefer the less famous Spotify with its 280 000 000 subscribers, nearly half of whom are Premium Members, and a Free Plan that opens the doors to staggering opportunities, or Apple Music who hasn’t been around that long and offers a confusing UI plus obscure radio stations to listen to, but it seems to us that Apple Music, who came around 7 years after Spotify, was more than a little (ahem!) “inspired” by Spotify. 

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Most features are so strikingly similar (read: the same) that you start to think that perhaps you really ought to try the world’s first streaming music system first. 

Don’t forget, however, that Musconv offers advice and opportunities to transfer tracks between the world’s most notorious music streaming services. You could probably try more than one system so you can see for yourself, but we suggest you start with (you guessed it) our favorite, Spotify. 

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