Is Spotify Better Than iHeartRadio?

Spotify and iHeartRadio are the pioneers of streaming music. Having emerged almost simultaneously, these platforms have become very popular today and have won the hearts of hundreds of millions of music lovers around the world.

These two streaming platforms are the pioneers of music streaming. The Swedish music streaming service Spotify, which first delighted music lovers back in 2008, today has almost 400 million active listeners worldwide, operating in almost 200 countries. It also has almost 160 million paid users who have subscribed to various premium tariff plans.

Spotify leads the global music streaming market. It has a market share of about 40%. You can simply calculate by the method that almost every second or third music stream in the world falls on the Swedish green giant. And this means that it is Spotify that determines the trends of the modern music industry and sets the musical fashion almost all over the world.

iHeartRadio is originally from the United States of America, where this music streaming platform also originated in 2008. Since 2019, iHeartRadio has been operating as a brand of the iHeartMedia radio network, which has become mega popular in the US, Mexico and Canada, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

So far, the geography of this music streaming service is not very wide. That is why not all music lovers know about iHeartRadio. But this platform is actively used by music fans from Europe. It is especially popular in English-speaking countries and in those countries where English is used as a second language.

Both streaming services have a free version that you can use all the time. When signing up for a premium subscription, everyone offers a 30-day free trial, during which the prospective user must decide whether to continue using this streaming service.

The cost for an individual subscription is $9.99 per month for both Spotify and iHeartRadio. The services also provided several options for tariff plans, in particular for students with a 50 percent discount for four years, subject to confirmation of student status using a document. There’s also a family plan that allows you to create up to six individual accounts and pay relatively little.

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iHeartRadio is the sponsor and organizer of many international music festivals, information about which users receive immediately.

Spotify’s music library contains over 70 million licensed tracks. And iHeartRadio offers users about 60 million tracks, as well as about a hundred different radio channels, the service also broadcasts more than 250,000 podcasts.

The quality of the sound plays an important, and sometimes the main role when choosing a music streaming service. If we compare the quality of both services, then it is almost equivalent, although each service uses different technical formats.

If you make a choice, then the potential user should use the permanent free version or the free trial version. For a month, you should use the services of each service and make an informed decision. As for the sound quality, it’s worth listening to the same song on each of them and comparing the effect.

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