Is Spotify Better Than YouTube Music?

If you consider yourself a real music lover, then sooner or later you will start using music streaming services. It is possible that you already have a similar experience. Often it is the need to choose between popular streaming services that confuses the music lover.

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify is by far the best known and most used streaming service and boasts a massive music archive of nearly 80 million licensed tracks. One of the most beautiful features of this service is definitely the automatic playlists divided by genre or activity during the day (focus, workout, pause, relax, mood, etc.).

Another very interesting feature is the discovery or “discovery” feature, which automatically selects songs and music selections according to our tastes, allowing us to discover new artists and songs, expanding our musical horizons.

Spotify Better Than YouTube Music

This streaming service is available on both computers and mobile devices, but in the latter, the free version is very limited: for example, it does not allow you to skip songs. Also, on some HiFi systems designed for music streaming, Spotify cannot be used except with a premium account.

Spotify Plans and Pricing:

1. Spotify for free;

2. Spotify Premium Individual – 9.99 euros per month;

3. Spotify Premium Duet – 12.99 euros per month;

4. Spotify Family Premium – €14.99 per month;

5. Spotify Premium Student – 4.99 euros per month.

Spotify’s audio quality is not the best in the industry today:

• Desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android – Free version of Ogg vorbis is 96/160 kbps and Spotify Premium is 320 kbps.

• Web player: AAC free version – 128 kbps, and Premium – 256 kbps

• Web player – free version – AAC 128 kbps, and Premium – 256 kbps.

As you can see from this information, the sound quality is not the strong point of the streaming service offered by Spotify: the bitrate actually stops at 320Kbps even in the Premium version.

YouTube Music also has its advantages and disadvantages. Google Play Music was shut down by Google, instead the company decided to take advantage of a much more established brand, namely Youtube, to maintain its presence in the music streaming sector.

The free version has limitations such as screen-only playback and ad breaks.

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The premium version, on the other hand, in addition to allowing you to listen to music with the screen off (music in the background) and without ad breaks, also allows you to adjust the sound quality with three possible configurations: high, medium, low.

Both versions have automatic playlists and the ability to specify favorite songs to better customize your music listening experience. Playlists can also be shared.

It is also possible to download music for listening offline, both to the SD card and to the internal memory of the device. The app is available for Android and iOS devices, as well as PC and Android Auto.

• Premium Individual – € 9.99 per month;

• Family Premium – € 14.99 per month;

• Premium for Students – €4.99 per month.

The sound quality on YouTube Music is 48 kbps in the free version and 256 kbps in the paid version.

We hope that our brief overview will help you in making the right decision in choosing a music streaming service.

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