Is Spotify blend available on Android?

What to choose: Android or iOS – that is the question. The war between the best-known operating systems has been going on for ages, and it is very hard to say which one will be the winner.

Is Spotify blend available on Android?

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We believe that every person has already chosen his favorite and felt happy by using it. However, Android has always suffered from discrimination. Most people think that it has some restrictions and doesn’t allow installing some apps or programs.

Therefore, today we want to debunk the myth with the example of the Spotify platform and its cool blend feature which allows users to create shared playlists. We think that you have already used it and joined the ranks of blend playlists fans.

However, do you know how many questions were asked by thousands of users concerning this feature from the launch date?

Starting from summer, users ask Google different questions related to blending option like “how to make a playlist by using blend on Spotify” or “is Spotify blend only for premium?” However, the most common question was: “Is Spotify blend available on Android?” The answer didn’t lose its actuality till now. Yes, the Spotify blend is available for Android.

Spotify gives equal terms for iOS and Android lovers. At the time when every developer tries to create separate platforms and make more money, Spotify was able to create a universal free product that is available for everyone. That’s respectable.

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