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Is Spotify blend only for Premium?

Every useful app has its price. In the 21st century, we are used to paying for all good things. However, if we tell you that there is at least one great app that provides free options, would you believe us?

Is Spotify blend only for Premium?

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Believe it or not, today we are going to prove that some interesting free features. Let’s talk about Spotify. We think that you know it very well and have used it for ages. However, do you know that it has such a great feature as a blend?

A blend is a Spotify option, which allows two users to create a shared playlist. This feature was launched in the summer, however, it has already become incredibly popular among users. Nonetheless, despite its popularity, some people still ask Google: “Is Spotify blend only for Premium?” Every time they get the same answer. Spotify blend is available for everyone, both free and premium users.

Haven’t tried it yet? Don’t lose the chance to know your friend’s music tastes better by creating a blend playlist. We are sure that you will find some interesting songs for yourself as well.

It is great that the Spotify app gave free access to such a useful option. However, will it be free in the future? No one knows, and it’s confused us.

Just imagine the next situation. You have already created some shared playlists and were falling in love with all of them. Suddenly, Spotify decided to make the blend option available only for Premium users and your playlists would no longer be accessible. In this case, you would need to buy a Premium subscription only or forget about created playlists forever.

Nonetheless, we know the third and the most appropriate solution. If you have some shared playlists that are already created and you don’t want to lose them, just transfer them to another streaming platform.

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We know that it’s time-consuming. However, we also know what can expedite the process. MusConv is a special service that can transfer your shared playlists and other musical content from one streaming platform to another in minutes. Rely on it to get easy results and continue enjoying your favorite music.