Is Spotify For Free?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify is the market leader in streaming music. It has over 380 million subscribers worldwide, almost half of which use the paid version of the app. In addition, the popularity of the streaming service is also facilitated by its huge media library, which consists of more than 70 million songs.

The streaming service owns from 31 to 36 percent (according to various estimates) of the global streaming music market. Apple Music, its closest competitor, has only 19 to 24 percent of the streaming music market.

Is Spotify For Free

The free desktop and iPad version has basically the same features. You will be able to select songs and still hear ads.

The company offers paying customers two different ways to listen to music with and without ads: an unlimited free account and a premium account. These two options have a number of benefits that will help us make the decision to change the account type.

And this difference in payment directly affects what we can enjoy in each of the options. With a free unlimited account we won’t be able to download a playlist to listen to without an internet connection (offline), but with a premium account we can. In addition, whoever chooses a Premium account will enjoy better sound quality.

With these changes, the company and its music streaming service have become more popular. Realizing the growth of music playback on mobile devices, they have been able to reach a much wider audience, which is likely to become a paying user, in order to get more benefits. This is undoubtedly a good step for Spotify to leave other online music service providers behind.

The limitations of the free version do not really affect the average user of the streaming service. For most music lovers, the feature set of the free version is usually sufficient.

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It’s no secret that it is Spotify that in most cases is used by the music industry to promote their new work. The main reason in this case is precisely its wide geographical coverage and huge number of users, which largely compensates for the relatively low royalties for artists when compared to some other music streaming services.

The undoubted advantages of Spotify are cross-platform, no restrictions on many content options, availability on all devices and affordability.

By the way, the streaming service has a very flexible financial policy. This means that residents of economically developed countries and residents of developing countries who use Spotify pay different prices for using the service. In economically developed countries, they pay many times more with a premium subscription.

This policy encourages music lovers from third world countries to join the huge army of fans and users of the Swedish music streaming service.

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