Is Spotify Free On Android?

Spotify has long allowed you to listen to music on your PC for free if the user agrees to listen to a short advertisement from time to time. A similar service is available on smartphones as part of the free version.

The user will have access to the entire database of songs available in a given country, but will have no influence on the order in which they are played. Playback will happen after selecting a specific artist, album or playlist, but all songs will play in random order.

The free version, as you can easily guess, also doesn’t offer offline music saving and playback, which is a favorite feature for many users. Separately, it should be said about the constant commercial breaks, which greatly spoil the impression of listening to free streaming music.

In the US, the premium version of Spotify costs almost $10 per month. In the case of the UK, it is £10. There is unlimited access to 70 million songs. Saving entire albums or playlists to the memory of a smartphone with one click is also simply more convenient for many users than any other source of music (in online stores like iTunes, individual tracks and albums must be pre-purchased, so there are more clicks).

Spotify will help us expand your musical horizons. Every day the application gives us new, niche artists, we can listen to the songs of this artist for free. In addition to biographies and discography, photos and videos dedicated to the “team of the day” are available, all in a well-made magazine application.

In addition to getting to know the work of a promoted artist on a given day, we have the opportunity to view the work of similar, recommended or previously presented groups. Thanks to history, we can view and listen to previously published artists.

The program also generates a compilation that contains the top rated songs without the need for a playlist – a nice thing for those who like surprises. A standard connection to social networks and a sharing option are available.

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Potify Free creates a personalized calendar of events by scanning the user’s music library stored in the mobile device’s memory (requires good file layout), as well as account statistics. Thus, it creates a list of the user’s favorite artists and offers him access to the latest information about concerts and events with their participation.

Among the additional features of the application, it is worth noting the viewing of musical events taking place in almost every corner of the world, the creation of lists with the most interesting places, as well as the manual formation of a database of favorite artists with the ability to view the schedule of upcoming performances.

The application provides a completely innovative graphical interface, often presenting music albums in 3D.

The app can scan our phone and search for lyrics for the songs it finds. The most useful option is hearing recognition, just bring the phone to the sound source, and after a few seconds, the artist and song title will be displayed on the screen. You can also search for songs by entering part of the lyrics. In addition to song recognition, we have synchronized lyrics, which in most cases immediately match the currently playing song. This allows you to use the application as a simple karaoke program.

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