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Is Spotify Free with Amazon Prime?

Spotify is one of the first music streaming services. It has 286 million active users, more than 130 million of them are premium subscribers, as of 2020. Spotify also holds the largest market share among music streaming services – 35%.

In addition to Spotify, there are many other music services, one of the most popular is Amazon Music. The service is available on iOS, Android, and Fire TV in the US, UK, and Germany. Previously, streaming was available for Echo devices only.

Of course, the main question on everyone’s mind is “Is Spotify free with Amazon Prime?”

It is well-known, that Spotify has the pleasant option of free use, it occurs during the first free month of use, and if you continue the free version for more than a month, you will have to accept some restrictions.

However, can you use Amazon Music for free? It is possible because there is a free version here. But if you want fewer restrictions, you should subscribe as an Amazon Prime member. Essentially, the Amazon Prime plan includes free use of the music service.

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Of course, it’s up to you which of the two music platforms you choose, as there are advantages to both of them.

Despite your choice, you may need to import tracks, albums, and other useful information to many streaming services.

The swedish music streaming service Spotify considered the most popular streaming platform in the world.

The well-known Amazon Prime subscription portal contains many bundled applications. Among them is Prime Music, which is a streaming music platform. This application has gained immense popularity over the years, despite its limited functionality and a relatively small music library. Users can enjoy listening to millions of new vocal and instrumental audio compositions without additional financial costs.

You won’t be able to access your Spotify premium subscription for free with Amazon Prime. But users can listen to licensed music content in this popular application, which is played on the swedish music service. The number of tracks will be limited to two million, which is many times less than the Spotify library. Music lovers will not lose the sound quality, but finding their favorite songs will be a little more difficult because the swedish developers have created a very efficient algorithm for finding their favorite music and music recommendations, which is not yet available in Amazon Prime.

If the user has no special wishes for the streaming service, then he is better off just using the free version of Spotify. We’ll have to come to terms with occasional advertising and some other restrictions. But this will hardly affect the sound quality. Plus, the free version of the streaming app lets you access the entire huge music library. The free version is not limited in time. It can be used continuously. At the same time, the user does not feel at all that the bait is waiting for him to switch to a paid subscription.

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Spotify with its 50 000 000+ songs and hundreds of happy customers offers unlimited music playing, downloadable songs, and smart algorithms that pick music for you, all for $9.99 a month ($4.99 if you’re a student). 

Amazon Prime is actually a separate service that offers its own music streaming included in the  membership. Flthough more expensive and with significantly fewer songs, it’s a tempting offer for users who are already a part of Amazon and don’t mind missing out on latest releases and infinitely customizable settings. What’s better – Spotify or Amazon Prime? You decide. However, to find out, you can get the Spotify App for free on Amazon by following this link. 

Users seem to be happy with both services, so you’ll have to try them and see what works or doesn’t work for you. Plus, different circumstances may affect the verdict: 

“I suggest Spotify premium. Because they have a great collection and their personalized playlists are outstanding. I’ve used both for more than 3 months.”

Sonu Sunny, Electronic dance music producer

If you love to use Alexa devices, however, Amazon Music unlimited makes far more sense – it integrates nicely with Alexa and your existing Amazon account. It sounds a little subtler than Spotify, but the user interface on desktop and portable devices isn’t always reliable. In our opinion, Spotify edges it but it’s a closer contest than you’d expect.”

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Spotify premium subscription for free

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