Is Spotify Hacked?

Nowadays, special attention should be paid to security on the Internet. And this problem is becoming more and more urgent every day. Even such spheres of human activity as music can be attacked by hackers. Recently, the mega-popular Swedish music streaming service Spotify was attacked by hackers.

Technology services and security experts have warned Internet users for years against using the same password for different accounts. There is absolutely no argument against setting unique security keys when you consider that the offer of free and secure password managers is huge, and even Google Chrome offers a great tool of this kind. However, many people “know best”, which leads to situations similar to what happens on the Spotify platform.

Cybercriminals tried to access Spotify accounts using a database of 380 million records containing login details stolen from other services as part of various leaks. The database was created to steal accounts from this and other services based on data provided free of charge by other criminals. Its existence was reported by representatives of VPN Mentor.

 Is Spotify Hacked

The security experts at VPN Mentor have published a report in which they suggest that the login credentials allowed a total of 300 to even 350,000 accounts to be captured on the world’s most popular music-on-demand website. Many people did not know that strangers listened to music at their expense, others became suspicious when suspicious playlists began to appear on their accounts.

The database information was sent to Spotify, which responded by resetting the passwords of all affected users. Luckily, this was done automatically, as some people tend to ignore messages asking for a manual reset.

A password manager is something that every user should be using today. It’s hard to remember all your unique login credentials these days, but that’s where password managers come in handy.

The fact is that when using the same password to enter Spotify and, for example, to the online banking application, the password from the banking application becomes available to attackers. This automatically compromises the security of your personal data and, importantly, your bank account, which can be attacked by hackers. In this case, you can simply be left without money, or even with a large bank loan. This is a very bad scenario.

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In addition, hackers can hack into your email, social media accounts and start spreading incorrect information on your behalf that will discredit you.

That is why security on the Internet, in particular, when using the Spotify music streaming service, should be given special attention.

Software security issues are not new, however large companies have information related to it. As a result, they can release an app or software update fairly quickly. On the other hand, if someone hacks or Spotify and steals your user data, you won’t be able to sleep well.

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