Is Spotify Legal?

The question of whether it is legal to use the Swedish music streaming service Spotify usually arises for those music lovers who are just starting their journey in using music streaming services.

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify has pioneered music streaming. It was founded in 2006 but actually started operating in 2008. Access to your favorite music has never been so easy and convenient. Thanks to dynamically developing streaming services, we can keep abreast of every new music release.

All indications are that this trend will continue. One of the largest music streaming services, Spotify currently has over 380 million monthly active users and 150 million paying subscribers. By comparison, in 2015, Spotify had only about 20 million subscribers.

It is worth noting that the rapidly developing streaming services with access to 70 million songs are not only changing the way you listen to music, but also setting completely new trends.

 Is Spotify Legal

The study also shows that Spotify users under the age of 17 are far more likely than others to listen to viral pop songs used on popular social media apps, while the 17-24 age group leans towards national rap. On the other hand, people between the ages of 35 and 44 are most likely to air children’s songs. Quite possibly. That it is nostalgia for one’s own childhood or just music for one’s own children.Spotify is completely legal. Today, this music streaming service is available in almost 200 countries on all continents. The exception that spoils the whole rosy picture of Spotify’s victorious march around the world is China. In China, the Swedish music streaming service is officially banned. Apparently, the Chinese authorities consider Spotify a threat to national security. But one way or another, in China, it is officially impossible to listen to Spotify. Of course, Chinese music lovers can use VPN to access popular music streaming services.

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Spotify is becoming more and more popular every day. Onine is simply the leader of the global music streaming market. Spotify has a stake in it, which experts estimate at 36%. This means that more than every third music streaming in the world takes place through the Swedish streaming service.

Spotify has recently entered the Indian market. Indian music lovers rejoiced at the official opening of the green giant in their country. But India is dominated by local music streaming platforms, which is why Spotify is facing some very serious competition in India. In the Indian market, he is not a leader, but every day he wins more and more space.

So, Spotify is quite legal almost all over the world. But the lack of work in the Chinese market and strong competition from Indian regional music streaming platforms poses significant challenges for him. We should not forget that we are talking about the countries of the world that have the largest population and its density.

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