Is Spotify Or Apple Music Better 2022?

Spotify or Apple Music – this question worries many music lovers who have decided to link their lives with music streaming services. Indeed, this is a serious dilemma. After all, we are talking about the two leaders of the global music market, which together own a share of about 60% on it. Of this huge figure, Spotify directly owns about 36%, and the rest belongs to its closest competitor Apple Music.

In this article, we compared the popular Apple Music and Spotify music distribution services from different angles and summarized the advantages and disadvantages of each. If you’re wondering whether to choose Apple Music or Spotify, this is the one for you.

The Apple Music app screen is white and looks simple and intuitive. Apple Music is a relatively easy-to-use service for iPhone users as it is similar to using an iPhone. Many Android users find it difficult to use.

When you launch the Spotify app, the home screen is displayed first. The home screen automatically displays playlists you listen to frequently, songs you’ve played recently, and recommended playlists selected from your play history.

On the search screen, you can search for matching keywords from songs, albums, artists, playlists, and profiles. If you know the music or the artist you want to listen to, this search feature will come in handy. In addition, you can select the song you want to listen to from various conditions such as charts and playlists, by genre and mood.

The screen of the Spotify app is based on dark tones. I was under the impression that the user interface is quite complex. In addition, Spotify has easy access to many options such as play, skip, shuffle and repeat from the player screen, making it more functional and easier to use.

Spotify has a permanent free version and a premium subscription. Apple Music only has a paid subscription, and there is simply no free version. Having a free permanent version is a strong competitive advantage for the Swedish music streaming service. The cost of a paid subscription to both services is almost identical.

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Spotify has over 3 billion popular playlists and playlists for every taste and mood, as well as about 70 million licensed tracks. You can quickly find the song you want to listen to in the menu by genre, mood, and artist. You can listen to many playlists and discover new music that you like.

Apple Music’s music library is about the same size as Spotify. But Apple Music has many artists and songs that are exclusive to the streaming service.

The biggest feature of Apple Music is that it works best with Apple products like iPhone, iPad and Mac. If you want to use it on multiple iOS devices, Apple Music is recommended. And with the iCloud sync feature, Apple Music can also manage all the music managed by iTunes and songs on imported music CDs. Songs imported into the Music app (iTunes) on Mac/PC will appear in the iPhone Music app library without the need to manually sync to iPhone/iPad. And you can play it streaming without downloading.

Apple Music has a “personalized song recommendation feature” called For You. A feature by which Apple Music automatically remembers and automatically displays the music you like, the music your friends you follow in Apple Music listen to, and recommended playlists.

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