Is Spotify Owned By Microsoft?

There are many platforms in the music market that allow you to listen to your favorite music anywhere in the world. One of them is Spotify, which is used by millions of people around the world. All thanks to the ability to create your favorite playlists, functionality and ease of use of the platform. In addition, the music is of high quality and you can listen to it without ad breaks by choosing a paid low-cost subscription.

Spotify is a Swedish company that has been in business since 2006. The platform is available in almost 200 countries and is used by over 380 million users, including 155 million from the Premium version. The Spotify platform is a streaming service that allows you to play music and podcasts digitally. The site’s database contains over 70 million songs from all over the world.

The platform is owned by Daniel Ek and Martin Laurentson, who are the creators of this mega-popular music streaming service. The streaming platform’s operating profit in 2021 was estimated at €94 million. The official owner of this music streaming service is Spotify Technology S.A. The number of employees of the company at the end of 2021 amounted to more than seven thousand people.

Is Spotify Owned By Microsoft

Microsoft has considered acquiring the streaming service on numerous occasions. But the full sale of the company’s shares never happened. As a result of the deal, Microsoft acquired only a portion of the shares of Spotify, which is not even a controlling stake. Tellingly, the details of the deal between Spotify and Microsoft are still under wraps.

The Spotify user has access to their favorite content, but the use of this service has a number of restrictions. To take full advantage of all the features Spotify has to offer, you need to subscribe. If you don’t, you should be prepared for ads that interrupt your favorite music or podcast.

By paying a subscription on the site, you can download individual songs, entire albums or playlists, the same goes for podcasts. There is a download limit of up to 10,000 songs for each device assigned to your account.

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However, the completely offline version cannot be used – once every 30 days there is an obligation to log in to the site, which Spotify explains by the need to verify the number of plays and pay remuneration to performers.

Spotify Connect allows you to control music from one device to another device. Spotify Premium users can use this option. Audio is controlled on audio devices connected to the same wireless network as, for example, a tablet or phone running the application. So you can play your favorite music on your TV, speaker, or HI-FI equipment, which must have the Spotify Connect option, without the need to connect a cable to the devices.

Should you use Spotify? There can be only one answer to this question – of course there is. Thanks to Spotify, you can listen to your favorite music and podcasts without limits by paying a maximum amount of PLN 20 for a separate premium account.

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