Is Spotify plugger legit?

The Chrome extension for copying music from Spotify has appeared on the Internet. It is hard to believe that this caused mass piracy, but Spotify may have problems with this.

Spotify is currently recognized as one of the most promising online music services. Its suppliers paid rights holders millions of dollars. However, the mood of the industry can quickly change if anti-pirates begin to consider Spotify as an instrument of piracy.

This is a service that allows us to access and play music from the cloud. Most importantly, both using the free and paid version of Spotify, we support their authors by listening to music because they receive their reward for it. Unfortunately, someone said that he would do a trick with Spotify and created a special plugin for the Google Chrome browser, which allows you to illegally download music to your computer’s hard drive. This is a big problem for the site.

Spotify plugger

It turns out that the more popular, the more interest in the service among users who want to not only listen, but also download music. In the free version of Spotify, we can listen to music as much as we like, but from time to time we will be disturbed by short advertisements. To download the songs you are listening to to your computer and mobile devices so that you can play them later without access to the network, you need to purchase a subscription.

The existence of this extension does not seem to be a big problem. People focused on mass music downloads are unlikely to use Spotify, since there are many other best instruments for this purpose. However, the appearance of the extension can be problematic for Spotify for purely image reasons. The usual Spotify app encrypts your music, so it seems that everything comes down to an oversight from Spotify.

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Some copyright holders will clearly not like this approach to preserving their copyright. This can lead to a loss of trust not only in Spotify, but also in other streaming services. As a result, the music industry can block the development of such services, and then complain that people do not buy music.

From time to time, in comments to Spotify, users and copyright holders notice a simple pattern – if multimedia content can be played on a user’s device, there must be a way to copy it. An absolutely copy-protected electronic service can only be one that does not allow content to be played.

In other words, the ability to copy is inherent in new media and new technologies. If they want to sell music, you just have to accept it.

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