Is Spotify Premium Worth?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify has a free version and a paid version. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The free version can be used permanently by simply registering a new account on the service. But in this case, you will have to put up with not only intrusive advertising, but also with a large number of other restrictions. Spotify Free is your ticket to Spotify’s huge music collection without paying a dime.

Of the 380 million users, just over 150 million have opted for the Premium option, meaning these users pay a certain monthly amount to enjoy the best music with certain benefits.

 Is Spotify Premium Worth

Spotify offers certain advantages with its Premium version, which makes music much more comfortable. You’ve probably wondered if it’s worth paying for Spotify Premium on a monthly subscription or if you’re better off joining the free plan to save money.

It is worth saying that in the free version we have certain features that are in the Premium version, but the three most important ones are not integrated, so it seems to me that it is worth paying a little every month and listening to your favorite songs in peace.

In the Premium version we have options such as unlimited skipping of all the songs we don’t want to listen to, music on demand, better sound quality. And of course, the two best features are offline mode and ad suppression.

Enjoy listening to Spotify without an internet connection? You can download up to 3,333 songs to your devices so you can listen to them later without worries. What about advertising? Forget about it, it won’t stop your music sessions with the typical annoying ads anymore.

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In addition to removing ads, Spotify Premium also gives you full access to your mobile devices, which means you can listen to any song at any time on your phone just like you listen on your desktop or laptop. Since you’re not limited to having to mix multiple songs, you can also skip tracks to your heart’s content – this also applies to the Radio feature if you want to use it. Discover new music for free with the new and improved Spotify radio. Music for free with the new and improved Spotify radio continues to gain momentum.

Any album or playlist can be saved for offline listening and you can choose the quality (same as above) in which the music will be saved. The caveat is that you need to go online once every 30 days for your music to stay offline – it’s just a check to let Spotify know you’re still a Premium member.

Finally, Premium lets you use Spotify Connect, which manages Spotify music across multiple devices. With Connect, you can check what’s playing on your laptop, with your smartphone, or connect Spotify to dedicated equipment like speakers and cars. This is a great feature for managing songs at a party.

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