Is Spotify Stock a Buy for 2023?

The market of music applications in 2023 is quite significant. A vast majority of the fan audience has already chosen their favorites. But in spite of that, new streaming services are constantly appearing. It makes real competition between services. That’s why the developers of each streaming platform struggle to be better and improve the quality of services.

Is Spotify Stock a Buy for 2023?

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Spotify has been one of the top giants in the streaming world for a long enough period of time. This application provides users with many advantages:

  • diversity of content (music, videos, podcasts);
  • multimillion library with easy navigation;
  • offline playback capability;
  • social networking features, and much more.

Of course, Spotify subscribers get a lot of benefits. For a small price, it is possible to get access to amazing features. But, what if you look at Spotify from an investor’s perspective?Is Spotify Stock a Buy for 2023?

Spotify’s popularity reached its peak figures during the Covid-19 quarantine period. People had to stay at home and they tried to seek interesting things to keep them busy. The most popular activity, according to statistics, was listening to music. The shared price has never been as high as at that period, reaching $450. 

Then, once the quarantine restrictions were gradually lifted, the activity of users was not so high anymore. Consequently, the subscription prices went down. As of early 2023, Spotify Stock is priced at just around $90 to $100. That is why many people are wondering whether it is worth investing in it.

In fact, there is no definite reply to this question. There are different opinions from many well-known analysts. Some of them argue that there is no point in investing because of the new competitors emerging. The others say that prices will go up in the near future due to a new wave of subscribers. The reason for that is the new attractive features.

Of course, the decision to invest money is up to you. However, we recommend not rushing into investing for another couple of months and taking a look at the application’s statistics. In any case, do not invest more capital funds than you are ready to lose. Only with this approach, you won’t get frustrated with any stock purchases.

If you’re not a potential investor, but a real music lover – Spotify is the platform that is worth trying. This streaming service has attracted millions of people. Probably, it is a perfect variant for you too.

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