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Is Spotify suing Apple?

Almost all music lovers today are aware of the complex relationship between the famous swedish music streaming service Spotify and Apple. The streaming music service Apple Music continues to be the main competitor to the swedish service. They have especially fierce competition for american subscribers.

Spotify has a number of complaints about Apple. A California court is considering a lawsuit from swedes accusing their apple counterparts of unfair competition. The basis of the lawsuit was the monopolization of the market, which is clearly unacceptable under american law. Spotify openly accused the Cupertino corporation of having a monopoly on the iOS app market. As a result, according to the lawyers of the swedish streaming service, he suffered large financial losses due to unfair Apple practices, which was expressed in an inflated commission, which ranged from 15 to 30 percent.

And especially these losses can be traced precisely in the streaming market of the United States. Additionally, Spotify backed Epic Games in a dispute with Apple because the popular Fortnite game was pulled from the App Store. The administration of the game decided not to pay commissions to businessmen from Cupertino for using their application in the amount of 30% of the profits.

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Epic Games’ lawsuit began in the fall of 2020. And hearings on the Spotify lawsuit have been going on since 2019. Experts in the field of jurisprudence argue that it is extremely difficult to prove abuse in the form of market monopolization. But if the lawyers of the swedish streaming service succeed, then Apple’s position will seriously shake. This will be especially noticeable in the american market, which the Cupertino-based corporation has long considered its own. The investigation itself can take years, the court can be moved to another state, the hearings can also drag on for years.

We think that we will see the denouement of this story only in the distant future.

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