Is Taylor Hawkins related to Dave Grohl?

Oliver Taylor Hawkins is Foo Fighters’ drummer. Find out more about the bromance here. Where would Foo Fighters be without him? 

Drummers are essential for any rock band. Drummers provide the foundation and backbone of a song with their drumming skills. Without them, it would be difficult to create an original sound or make music at all. They often lay down the beat, keep time, and control tempo with drums such as bass drums, snare drums, tom-toms, cymbals and others while playing along to melodies played by other instruments in the band like guitars or keyboards.

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Rock music has a long history, and drummers have been an integral part of the genre since its inception. They create the beat that helps define rock’s rhythm, drive it forward with powerful bass drums, and propel guitar solos to their climax. There are many factors that make drummers important for rock bands – without them there would be no driving percussion or intricate fills to push songs into new territory. 

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