Is the Apple music app good for DJs?

DJing is not just about music and technology mixing. It also requires from DJ the ability to discover, collect, and select songs from a wide range of genres. With a large music collection, you can easily find the most suitable songs for your performance. And by mixing them at the professional level, you could make people dancing.

Is the Apple music app good for DJs?

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When it comes to collecting new tracks, most DJs still get their music through sources like:

  • CDs;
  • iTunes Store;
  • YouTube;
  • Tidal;
  • SoundCloud, etc.

Indeed, many streaming services work well with DJing equipment. Among the advantages of streaming for DJing are the next features:

  • huge amount of music that is available in one place,
  • low price (compared to buying each track separately),
  • genre classification of tracks for the convenience,
  • mechanisms for discovering new music based on user’ tastes (in most popular streaming services).

According to the statistics, one of the most popular music platforms is Apple Music. The number of iOS device owners is growing every day, and taking into account that it’s a built-in streaming service, the number of its subscribers is also growing. However, is the Apple music app good for DJs?

It’s the most user-friendly application available; it is well designed and mid-priced. Many DJs believe that using Apple Music for DJing would be a godsend. But it’s not as simple as it sounds.

A huge drawback is that this streaming doesn’t work with any DJ software. All songs on this service are protected by DRM encryption. This makes it impossible to play them back.

However, many DJs have found a way out for themselves by using third-party applications. The main function of such programs is to convert the songs into another format (without DRM). Then you just add the converted tracks to the DJ application. This way you can get any song from Apple Music for DJing.

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Of course, you may find this way of obtaining music too long and complicated. So, if you don’t want to get bogged down, try streaming that works directly with the DJing software. For that, you might need the MusConv program. It can quickly and easily export all the music content from Apple Music to any other service. To get started simply download the app, and start your free trial..