Is there a Deezer for artists?

Deezer is a French music streaming service with a focus on playlists and a Flow feature that picks up tracks to your liking and replaces radio. Deezer has an extensive music library, high-quality (as for such services) playback, as well as convenient applications with the ability to listen offline.

But the service provided another important function. It is available to music artists who want feedback from audiences.

With Deezer Backstage, a music artist or author can monitor trends in streaming music content, customize profile, add and change photos, links, and even watch the premiere of music on Deezer in real time.

Initially, an account is created that indicates the user’s name, email address, UPC releases distributed using Deezer, as well as the name of the label.

The user first makes an access request. Service moderators consider a request for two or three weeks. With a positive solution, an appropriate letter from the streaming service administration comes to the applicant’s email with an invitation and conditions for using a special application for performers. You can contact the administration of the service by e-mail:

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The application allows artists to receive up-to-date analytics on their musical compositions. This, in turn, helps to navigate the ratings of tracks and performers, feel the tendencies of the music streaming market and take the necessary steps.

Since Deezer began as a small music startup, an important part of its work was availability on different platforms and devices. Therefore, you can get an actual picture at any time and anywhere.

The Deezer Backstage application is an effective assistant in work and creativity for music industry figures who want to achieve high results and ratings in the music streaming market. With its help, you can easily navigate the situation.

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