Is there a family Spotify plan?

So you’ve decided to start using Spotify, the first, the most famous, and the most thought-through music streaming service around. Well done! When in 2008 the creators of Spotify Daniel Ek and ‎Martin Lorentzon decided to invent this service, they turned the industry upside down with impossibly thoughtful design at surprisingly low prices. 

You can get Spotify for free no problem, or get advanced plans with even premium features for the price of a cup of coffee (we have to point out we’re talking Starbuck coffee here, by the way, so start getting the documents ready so you can ask the bank for a loan). No wonder many peoplу flock to this service every day!

Spotify has multiple plans introduced for that very purpose. One of the most delightful of them is the Family Plan, which allows you to get 5 more people to join for only $5 a month. This is generous considering the number of features you get with it, from the latest mixes and new tracks based on your previous selections and an Offline mode, to customizable crossfading and cozy interfaces. Every little detail was thought through here to perfection. 

Unfortunately for pirates, Spotify was introduced to defy piracy, which is a noble cause, so one of its features includes verifying that the members who signed up for its Family Plan live in the same house. Spotify may ask you to confirm you live at the same address, warning that if not you may lose access to the subscription. Please read Terms and Conditions carefully before you start using the service to enjoy full and interrupted benefits from by far the best project out there. Let’s defy piracy together! 

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Spotify offers a variety of plans suited to anyone using the service. You can use the platform and its great opportunities completely free of charge after downloading and installing the software in less than 60 seconds to gain access to the world’s most awesome tracks right there at your fingertips. 

Spotify also offers more convenient plans with even better features so you can get the most out of your experience. One of them is the Family Plan. 

For just $5 more than the Premium plan with its already substantial advantages, Spotify Family Plan offers to share the joy of music with 5 family members. You can also try it free in case you want to know what you’re getting yourself into. Here’s what’s what: 

  • Up to 6 Premium accounts for $14.99
  • Get your kids a fancy new account designed specifically for them 
  • Get songs you love picked specifically for you, with ones added all the time 
  • Get protection with Parental Controls 
  • Get out whenever you like
  • Go anywhere you like to listen to music on this Premium Plan 
  • Forget about ads for good 
  • Get unlimited skips
  • yet more. 

Make sure to read Terms and Conditions carefully before you join (for example, don’t forget to verify your address or your access may be revoked). 

Have more questions? MusConv will be here for you no matter what. You know where to find us. 

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