Is there a free version of Apple Music?

Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming services, not only for iOS users but also for customers of other operating systems. The interface of the service is very attractive and easy to use, so it is in demand even among older people.

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All of these services can be accessed by subscribing to Apple Music, which currently offers some paid versions. But is there a free version of Apple Music or do I have to pay for it, like with Tidal or Qobuz? The answer can be both yes and no. The fact is that to get the full list of features you do need to take out a paid monthly subscription. The prices on these services, by the way, are much lower than on some other streaming platforms.

Even so, you can use the app for a month free of charge and enjoy some of its features. Why some? The free version doesn’t offer the full range of possibilities. It is possible to get access to all the songs when buying a paid subscription.

In some countries, customers may use the free version of Apple Music for up to six months. This option is only available to those who have Air Pods, Home Pod mini, or Beats devices. To do so, you must have iOS version 15 or higher on your device. If your version does not match, then you will not be able to get free access for six months.

Therefore, it is recommended to upgrade your iOS device to the latest version. However again, this is only possible in some countries. When you’ve upgraded your device, attach your headset to your device, log in to the Apple Music app and click on “Get 6 months free”.

Yes, of course, this offer is not for everyone but only for a certain group of people. And if you belong to this group use the great opportunity to enjoy Apple Music for free for 6 months.

Try it free

Are you interested in this streaming service and want to join? Before you do so, we highly recommend transferring all your music content to Apple Music from your current streaming platform, so you don’t lose your songs. The best way to do that is with MusConv, which has been helping users transfer any music content to more than 50 streaming platforms for years.