Is there a monthly free for an iTunes account?

Many users who only get acquainted with the virtual music store iTunes ask whether there is a monthly subscription fee for using their account in this application.

To begin with, you should understand the essence of the iTunes application and its difference from the streaming music service Apple Music. The latter is a product of the corporation and is a streaming application in which you can listen to music online in streaming mode. But at the same time, the user will not be able to purchase this music. He kind of rents it from the service and uses it on his gadgets. For this, he must make a monthly subscription fee in the amount of the tariff plan of his subscription. Apple Music does not have a free version of the streaming service, unlike many of its competitors in the music market. On the one hand, this significantly increases its profitability, and on the other, restrains the promotion in the global streaming music market. In which he confidently takes the second most popular position.

But the virtual music store iTunes works on a different principle. You will only have to pay in it when buying music or a gift certificate. But there is no monthly subscription fee in it. The user pays only when he acquires something, that is, pays directly for the purchase, and not for the rental or use of streaming services.

There are misunderstandings when users cannot understand the incorrect debiting of funds from a iTunes card linked to their account. This can happen if the system debits money for several purchases at once or during the day, and not immediately. This happens rarely, but it does happen sometimes.


You will also have to pay in iTunes if a subscription for some services is purchased in this store. But directly for the very use of this service monthly you do not need to pay.

If a user has questions about paid subscriptions, then he is advised to log in to his account and go to his settings. In setting up subscriptions, you will immediately see what exactly and when the user subscribed, and also its monthly cost will be visible.

The card being charged is linked to your (or some other) Apple ID account. Well, the general conclusion from all of the above: withdrawing money from a card marked indicates that this money was spent on the purchase of digital content for your Apple equipment.

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You may well cancel your paid subscription and request a refund if you have not yet started using it.

Soon, the Cupertino corporation plans to stop supporting iTunes, focusing all its efforts and resources on promoting branded streaming music service. In this case, users simply say goodbye to the application by a music store, which has worked immaculately for almost twenty years.

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