Is There A Way To Merge Playlists On Spotify?

Every Spotify user wants to get the most out of this world’s most popular music streaming service. Almost any music lover tries to create his own playlists, which will reflect his musical taste and will allow him not to search for his favorite music every time.

It’s not uncommon for streaming music lovers to have more than one playlist on a Swedish music streaming service. But what if he wants to merge those playlists?

Is There A Way To Merge Playlists On Spotify

You won’t find a built-in feature for merging Spotify playlists in the app. Why? The answer is simple – the developers did not provide such an option.

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You can perform this task manually. To do this, go to your account and manually add all the songs you want to the playlist. But in this case, you just need to create a new playlist. In fact, all these actions are no different from the usual creation of a playlist, only a large one.

Name the newly created playlist. It is likely that you will give it some kind of combined name, which will consist of the names of the playlists from which it was originally composed.

That’s it, your selected songs will be transferred to a new or existing playlist. But I want to warn you right away that manually transferring songs and merging playlists is a rather laborious process and takes a lot of time.

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