Is there an app that listens to music and tells you the notes?

Probably, everyone at least once had such a story: for the first time in your life you hear a song. You like it so much. You’ve been singing that motive all day. You absolutely need to find out who sings this, these thoughts disturb you even in a dream.

Before the era of smartphones, you would probably write a few words from the text you hear, and then ask them in the Google search engine. Before the computer age, you would probably have to deal with the fact that you would never know what the song is unless one of your friends could guess the name after a few sounding notes. Fortunately, today you have access to apps that will allow you to easily identify almost any tune you hear.

Shazam is considered one of the best music recognition applications. If desired, you can enable a feature that will display the playable melody as notes.


This is an undisputed leader among all music recognition programs, which are used every month by more than a hundred million users from around the world. The developers of the application claim that it can recognize up to 15 billion songs. Using it is a children’s game  just click the big button in the center of the smartphone screen to get comprehensive information about the song you want to learn in a few seconds. If the phone is not currently connected to the Internet, Shazam will mark it, that is, remember the song and find it for us later when our smartphone will be online again. In Shazam you can also check which songs recently most often searched by users of applications from around the world. The app is available for free for Android and iOS devices (including Apple Watch and Android Wear) and Windows devices, including computers. In the free version there will be only a basic set of options, more advanced functionality can be obtained using a paid subscription to this service.

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Another interesting feature of this application is the ability to search for a song without using your hands, which is especially useful, for example, when driving a car.

You can also view lyrics in karaoke mode in real time, while listening to almost any song from these sources. Interestingly, this text can be translated into our language, so that the user combines the pleasant with the useful one – listen to music and learn foreign languages. Of course, no one can guarantee filigree literary accuracy of translation. But the general meaning in any case will be clear to you.

Applications that allow you to find music and display notes on the screen appear on the Internet with enviable regularity. They attract users with new and new features, creating attractive subscription and service conditions. Therefore, you can use several applications and decide which one suits you most.

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MusConv displays Shazam playlists for transfer to other music services