Is There Free Amazon Music?

With 100 million songs, original podcasts, and more, Amazon promises as much as the competition. This music streaming service is becoming more popular and in demand every day.

With multiple pricing options, Amazon Music is an all-in-one music service that should be attractive in terms of price, especially for Prime customers and Echo owners. Amazon is trying to attract customers and is now offering its Amazon Music Unlimited music streaming service completely free of charge.

Prime Music

Prime users get a solid streaming offer with Prime Music, and audiophiles get their money’s worth with the free HD option. The choice of music is very large and is in no way inferior to competitors.

In the field of podcasts, Amazon Music is also at the forefront with famous originals. The lack of a clear audiobook catalog is likely due to Audible’s internal service. The remote feature for uploading your own songs cannot be considered perfect either. Overall, though, Amazon Music offers a great overall package that can be beneficial, especially for Prime customers.

Like Spotify and Deezer, Amazon also relies on an ad-funded option. The free offer has started for select Alexa speakers. You can now access the free version on Fire TV, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices through the Amazon Music app.

As mentioned, with the new offer, you have to live with ads and can only listen to pre-made playlists and radio stations. On the other hand, listening to a specific song or specific album only works with a paid Music Unlimited subscription. You can also manage the free version of Amazon Music with Alexa.


Amazon has been in the market with its own Amazon Music music streaming service since 2008 and thus competes with Spotify, Apple Music and other popular music streaming services.

From the very beginning, the mail-order company has steadily expanded its music platform and now also offers a completely free and high-quality Premium plan with Hi-Res audio.

On paper, Amazon Music sounds more than promising, with a huge music catalog and wide range. But how does it work in practice? Where are the strengths, are there any serious shortcomings?

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So, a few words about the benefits of this music streaming service:

  1. 100+ million songs
  2. On demand in uncompressed quality
  3. Millions of songs in even higher Ultra HD resolution
  4. Highly attractive to Prime customers and Echo owners due to the reduced price
  5. Growing range of original podcasts

Amazon Music offers a wide range of plans and prices for non-Amazon customers, Prime users, and Echo owners. Amazon Music Free is free to use by anyone, but relies on ads between the songs you play. Here Amazon Music is not the strongest free music streaming service.

There are also some restrictions: only the best playlists and radio stations are available. There is now also an offline mode which will come in handy in case of Amazon Music outages. However, this is only available with a paid subscription. Also, in the free plan, you can only skip a limited number of songs.

MusConv is your ideal companion if you decide to switch from one music streaming service to another.

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