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Is There Hulu Subscription Per Year?

Hulu combines very current series from almost every American TV channel with an average selection of movies. However, cumbersome access from other countries reduces enjoyment, as does the lack of translation into the user’s native language. The price is fair if you choose the cheapest subscription, but without ads and with Hulu add-ons, it quickly costs money. For TV series fans who live on ads and can do without them, Hulu is heaven.

Hulu has long established itself in the US. The streaming service once started as a free media library for several broadcasters, and later added a paid subscription to Hulu Plus. All Hulu users now have to pay, but they get access not only to a gigantic archive of series, but also to shows, movies, and their own production.

After the Fox acquisition, Disney became the owner of Hulu, so the streaming service is linked to Disney+ in the US and has become home to all the products that are too “adult” for Disney+. Hulu plans to expand internationally in the coming years, and we’ve taken a closer look at the American service, which, thanks to a ruse, can already be seen in other countries around the world.

In general, the streaming service offers three different subscription models.

 You can also use the optional “Hulu + Live TV” model, which allows you to receive US TV. However, $69.99 per month is a huge amount. It is not even clear whether each of the channels can also be received from another country. Therefore, for now, we advise you to unsubscribe from this subscription.

Keep in mind that your subscription price will increase accordingly if you choose an add-on offer from HBO, Cinemax, or Showtime channels.

Hulu doesn’t have an annual subscription, the streaming service only offers monthly models.

Hulu will also likely launch in most European countries in the coming years, but currently you only have the option to access the service in the US. This requires a working VPN service. However, since Hulu, like Netflix, is now actively taking action against these encryption providers, most of the free apps no longer work.

So if you decide to use Hulu without ads and with all three add-ons, you’ll be shelling out almost $70 a month plus the cost of a VPN service. But if you can skip the add-ons and live with a little ad, Hulu’s $7.99/month offer is quite affordable.

Try it free

Hulu is giving new users the first month for free. This applies to both “Hulu” and “Hulu ad-free”, so it makes sense to choose an ad-free offer here. If you want to continue using Hulu after that, you can easily change your subscription model in your settings. If you want to try out the subscription, including Live TV, you only have one week to do so.

You can unsubscribe with just a few clicks in your profile settings. There is no long notice period, you just need to cancel the subscription in time before the monthly payment, otherwise the subscription will be extended for another month. You can also pause your subscription if you know, for example, that you won’t be using Hulu for several months.

If you want to watch shows right after they air in the US, you really need a Hulu subscription. In terms of film technology, Hulu is more of a complement to other streaming services. So the offer is quite interesting and offers a mix of new products and classics, but the volume can be handled. In terms of in-house production, the selection of films doesn’t offer any notable highlights either. Hulu’s main focus is clearly on the series. However, this may change once Hulu goes international and Disney releases many Fox games on Hulu.

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