Is Tidal actually better quality?

Tidal is a music streaming service launched by the Norwegian company in 2014. After concluding agreements with major record labels, Tidal became a huge music platform, and now it provides its customers access to more than 60 million tracks, including exclusive content, and around 250,000 original videos, within a few months.

16.	Is tidal actually better quality?

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In March 2015, the founder company Aspiro was bought by Project Panther Bidco directed by American singer and producer Jay-Z. This purchase has given new life to Tidal, especially, in the US market, making it a real alternative to traditional services. However, is Tidal actually better quality?

Of course, everyone determines for themselves whether Tidal is actually better than any other music service, but among the advantages of this platform almost all users note the following properties:

  • songs and video clips are offered in HD-quality;
  • large library of 60 million tracks;
  • exclusive actual content.

Also, many customers find some disadvantages in this service, such as high subscription prices. It is the best choice for the real admirers of clear sounds who are ready to overpay for quality.

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