Is Tidal available in Canada?

At the current moment, the market of streaming music services is bigger than ever before. But despite this, it can be difficult to find something appropriate to satisfy real fans’ tastes. The variety of features, prices, and libraries may confuse everyone.

Is Tidal available in Canada?

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If you’re a passionate lover of high-quality audio, then you should consider the popular streaming platform Tidal. This application was launched in 2014 in Sweden. After a while, famous rapper Jay-Z bought the project. Currently, he and a number of other celebrities are the owners of this streaming service. In interviews, the holders have repeatedly stated that they do not focus on profits.

The main accent for them is quality sound, as well as an orientation towards helping the artists. Therefore, performers receive quite high royalties from this streaming platform. Such interesting facts attract many people, make them to try this music service.

In fact, Tidal’s advantages are really numerous. Here are a few of the main ones:

  • the platform hosts more than 60 million tracks;
  • besides tracks, there are more than 100 thousand music videos available for users;
  • here you can find a lot of exclusive content from co-stars;
  • the application is compatible with all devices and operating systems;
  • you can experience user-friendly navigation within the streaming service;
  • there are regularly updated playlists and recommended tracks.

Of course, all the benefits are pretty cool. However, the true reason why people want to use Tidal is the high-quality sound. The application is ready to offer you various tracks in FLAC and ALAC formats. This means that you get pure sound and can fully immerse your soul in the musical atmosphere. To get access to such type of quality, you have to buy a subscription called HiFi. It costs $19.99.

For those who want regular sound quality, there is a Premium subscription. It costs $9.99 and gives you plenty of options.

Since Tidal was originally launched in Sweden, everyone is concerned about which countries it is available in. Is Tidal available in Canada, for example?

Currently, the platform is accessible in more than 50 countries around the world. Canada is among them. That’s why, if you’re in Canada, you certainly won’t have any problems with the subscription.

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Want to try out Tidal right now? Move your music library in just a few minutes! How? With the comfortable app MusConv, of course. This project was created specifically for this purpose. But in addition to transferring tracks, you can also synchronize your content. This means that you are able to use two streaming services at once. So, don`t hesitate to start!