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Is Tidal better for artists?

All physical formats of music have been replaced by music streaming services.

Streaming services don’t sell music – they give their users access to tracks whenever they have an Internet connection. Also, most major services have applications for smartphones, the ability to listen to music in your browser directly. Also, you will get access to some separate programs with song selections, recommendations, playlists, and so on.

Is Tidal better for artists

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Actually, all streaming services differ in minor nuances. However, if you are and not just an ordinary user and you wish to be more close to the streaming, the differences could be significant. So, if you’re a singer or songwriter looking for a platform that brings you fame and a certain income, pay attention to a very popular service like Tidal is. They talk about fantastic income there, but is it really true? Is Tidal better for artists?

To start with, Tidal has a rather large media library of more than 70 million songs. On Tidal, you’ll find albums by both popular and obscure artists. Also, the service could be positioned as a platform for novice singers and composers.

According to the service’s description, “Mentors play an important part on Tidal: we have a group of experts who seek out and promote novice artists, so they can be discovered by a wider audience. Tidal is actively involved in developing the next generation of musicians and helping users discover new content.”

Tidal is the first streaming service to be owned by artists:

  • Jay-Z;
  • Rihanna;
  • Beyoncé;
  • Chris Martin;
  • Kanye West;
  • Daft Punk, and other popular performers.

This makes it easier for customers to get exclusive hits, let temporarily. For example, Rihanna’s song “Bitch Better Have My Money” was available on Tidal, and only, for some time.

Certainly, one of the most pleasant moments is the payment of a high percentage of royalties to artists. Therefore, Tidal is one of the top three services that pay their artists the most. Moreover, it’s a great idea for musicians of any level to earn money without difficulties at the level of professional artists.

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You may be a beginner of show business mazes or just an ordinary music lover, Tidal streaming service is a great solution in any case. If you need to transfer your music library to another platform, the portal MusConv can help you. Hurry up to register and appreciate all the advantages of our service!