Is Tidal better than Amazon HD?

Streaming services are really great. For a small monthly fee, you are able to listen to all the music you want or almost any music. No need to buy individual albums and tracks – a huge media library is available all the time. There is no need to search for something on torrent trackers and download files, clogging your memory. Moreover, keeping track of the whole music news on your own is practically impossible in the 21st century, unless you’re a total music lover. That’s why services with competent recommendations are the real relief for the average listener.

Is Tidal better than Amazon HD?

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The number of music streaming services is really impressive but today let’s talk about everyone’s favorite Tidal and Amazon Music to find the answer to the question “Is Tidal better than Amazon HD Music?”

So, not too long ago, a new rival to Tidal came from Amazon. The company notes that its catalog contains more than 50 million songs in high quality (High Definition – 16-bit, 44.1kHz) as well as millions of recordings in so-called ultra-high quality (Ultra HD – 24-bit, 192kHz). Moreover, Amazon Music HD offers all music in FLAC format. A monthly subscription costs $12.99 for Amazon Prime members and $14.99 for everyone else.

The tricks:

  • Amazon speaker.


  • Relatively small library;
  • Not very accurate algorithms for individual music selection;

And now let’s talk about Tidal and determine which the better choice is. To begin with, the service’s library is larger than the aforementioned competitor has – 60 million tracks. Tidal offers a lot of music, podcasts, and streaming video.

Two basic versions of packages are available: Premium (lossless CD quality) and HIFI (lossless CD quality – based on FLAC 16-bit/44.1 kHz – and MQA). The latter is more expensive, naturally.

Three basic music qualities are available:

  • Normal – 256 kbps;
  • High – 320 kbps;
  • HI-FI – 1411 kbps;
  • Master quality – 4608 kbps (desktop only).

The positive moments:

  • beautiful design;
  • the best sound quality of all;
  • exclusive content.


  • high price.

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So, we can see that Tidal has some advantages in terms of both quantity and quality compared to Amazon Music, but of course, the choice is up to the customers. In our turn, we suggest you get acquainted with MusConv service, which can help to transfer music from one platform to another if you decide to change it.