Is Tidal Better Than Apple Music 2022?

Apple Music is one of the leaders in the streaming music market. At the moment, the Norwegian music streaming service Tidal is already in its niche, showing a steady increase in users thanks to its unique features. But what about the user, what decision to make? Is it better to bet on the uniqueness of Tidal or on the quality of Apple Music?

Tidal and Apple Music – do any of the services stand out as a plus? Both compete against each other and both offer many benefits that you should consider. But you must make a choice.

The key issue is the availability of each service. What are their advantages, since none of them will be compatible with our device? In this one category, we can point to a clear leader. Apple Music is a relatively young service that is currently available on a relatively small number of platforms, it feels great in the Apple gadget ecosystem, but, for example, on the Android system, its work leaves much to be desired.

How much is it? This is one of the key questions we should ask ourselves when choosing this service. However, in this case, comparing Tidal and Apple Music is not easy. As it turns out, Apple services aren’t always that expensive. Although Tidal ends up winning this duel.

Apple Music is free for the first quarter of use.

Apple Music is free for the first quarter of use. Then the service is worth:

  1. $9.99 per month for a single user;
  2. $14.99 for all family members.

As for the prices of Tidal, they are as follows:

Tidal offers a 30 day free trial. Plus it’s worth:

  1. $9.99 individual subscription for each month of service.
  2. $17.99 is lossless audio streaming compression. There are also promotions for T-Mobile and Play subscribers.

Tidal offers the Tidal X mechanism, which is a program that allows artists to offer their fans experiences not available anywhere else, including concerts or meetings organized in conjunction with a service provider. Tidal Rising, on the other hand, is a program that promotes artists from all over the world who have a loyal fan base and are ready to reach an even wider audience. Tidal Discovery helps users discover new music. All this is allegedly being watched by leading music experts from around the world.

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At the very beginning, Apple Music asks us about our favorite artists and types of music, and based on that, we select playlists designed by music experts. The service also features live Beats 1 radio featuring world-famous DJs and their celebrity guests. Live streams from Beats 1 are available to listen to at a later date.

Both approaches rely on the hard work of service providers’ agents, journalists and other experts. Tidal has more programs for artists who would like to provide fans with unique content. Apple Music, in turn, has its own well-functioning Beats 1 radio. It’s hard to say which approach is best.

To summarize, we can say that the choice of one or another music streaming service directly depends on the needs of the user himself. Needs are individual, as is individual choice.

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