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Is Tidal better than CD quality?

The days when music was recorded on cassettes and CDs only are long gone. So, vinyl records and reel-to-reel tape recorders are not remembered by many modern music lovers, except by hipsters or those persons who feel nostalgic for the old days. And now is the best time to listen to your favorite artists using a convenient device – the usual smartphone. However, if you want to enjoy music as much as possible, choose the appropriate modern streaming service.

Is Tidal better than CD quality

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Tidal is one of the really good streaming services. It is a Norwegian project that was launched in 2014. In 2015, the platform was bought by the famous rapper and hip-hop producer Jay Z, which cost him $56 million. After the deal, Jay Z invited other stars to own the application, and Beyoncé, Madonna, and some other famous artists became co-owners of the service, too.

The owners of Tidal emphasize the quality of music content and its exclusivity in their application. So, if you’re interested in quality, choose the Hi-Fi version of the subscription and enjoy the clear sounds. However, what quality does this subscription offer? Is Tidal better than CD quality?

So, to start with, the Hi-Fi subscription costs $19.99. There are discounts for students and families. Hi-Fi offers you music in FLAC and MQA format, and it is really great. Undoubtedly, real music fans will appreciate the level of quality.

Other advantages of Tidal service

The app works with all major OS. Also, it has an updated collection of well-compiled thematic playlists, a genre-by-genre selection that includes as many as 22 genres. There is a wide selection of videos and other useful features that are typical for streaming resources.

 A music library contains more than 70 million tracks and over 250,000 video clips in HD quality. Also, you can listen to all tracks presented on the service offline, in case you lose access to the Internet.

If you are a real music fan, and you are searching for a comfortable streaming platform with high-quality content, Tidal is a really useful service. Also, if you’re not ready to pay almost $20 right away, you can start a free trial period to appreciate all the benefits of the application.

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So, if you have already decided to switch to a new platform, the MusConv application will help you to move your saved music library, no matter how huge it is. Hurry up to appreciate the convenience of the service and enjoy the new music streaming of the best quality!