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Is Tidal better than SoundCloud?

Among the numerous music platforms, every user is looking for the one that will fully satisfy his requirements. Now let’s take a look at two quite popular services: Tidal and SoundCloud. Let’s analyze all their properties.

SoundCloud is not only a streaming service but also it is a popular social network for music lovers. Musicians represent their creations, and DJs upload their remixes. Users then listen to new songs and discuss them. Also, you can find many interesting records from unknown indie artists on this service.

Is Tidal better than SoundCloud?

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As a mainstream music platform, SoundCloud is unlikely to meet your requirements: it has a large library but it is difficult to find popular musicians with interesting discographies there. However, it is a great additional source of rare music. So, you will get a chance to listen to unique music content from talented newbies.

Practically, the free version of SoundCloud has no restrictions, so you can use it without spending a penny. There are no advertisements or track switching. The disadvantages of this form are:

  • a limited percentage of available tracks ;
  • offline mode absence.

You can buy a monthly subscription to SoundCloud Go ($4.99) or Go+ ($9.99) to have full access.

Advantages: tons of indie music you can enjoy even without registration. Moreover, there is no need to listen to annoying advertisements.

Disadvantages: users note poor and not too convenient catalog and the lack of popular artists ‘songs.

Tidal is a service that distinguishes itself by the quality of the music: it is presented here in FLAC or ALAC format, so audiophiles will be satisfied. Tidal has more than 250 thousand exclusive videos and 70+ million qualitative songs.

The service has some subscription offers: Premium and Hi-Fi. The first variant provides users access to music in the 320kbps, AAC format (MP3 is significantly inferior to AAC at the equal bit rate). The Hi-Fi version allows customers to listen to songs in FLAC or ALAC format.

You should pay $9.99 monthly to buy the Premium account or $19.99 – to get the ability to listen to the music of superior quality. The free trial lasts for one month only.

Advantages: exclusive music content from different artists as well as top-quality tracks.

Disadvantages: The paid version cost is expensive enough.

Is Tidal better than SoundCloud? If you’re looking for high-quality music from popular artists and are ready to pay, then Tidal is an ideal option. However, if you want to discover new artists who are not well-known yet, SoundCloud is a better choice. Moreover, it will help you to save your expenses.

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