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Is Tidal better than Spotify?

Undoubtedly, Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world, whereas Tidal offers competitive features. Let’s try to compare both applications and find out is Tidal better than Spotify, or not?

Is tidal better than Spotify?

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Considering the Prices

Every user dreams to pay less money for qualitative services. Let’s analyze what Spotify and Tidal offer to their customers.

  • Free version: Spotify provides it at 160 kbps or 96 kbps for mobile devices. However, you’ll get a few annoying ads between songs. In addition, the free users are limited to six passes per hour on mobile. Tidal offers free trial period only.
  • Premium at $9.99: With this package, you can stream Spotify or Tidal music at the highest quality 320kbps for the best sound.
  • Hi-Fi at $19.99: Tidal offers this high-end plan only. This gives you access to content without loss and streams with CD-quality (44.1 kHz/16 bit). Spotify has no such functions.
  • Family plan for $14.99: Both Spotify and Tidal offer such packages with 6 accounts. However, Tidal also offers the Family Hi-Fi plan for $29.99.

Sound quality

When it comes to music, sound quality is important enough. Both Spotify and Tidal offer music at 320kbps, and it is sufficient to get satisfaction from favorite playlists. However, when it comes to perfect sound quality, Tidal leads the way.

The bottom line

If you’re an audiophile, Tidal is your best choice. However, if you tend to listen to music without paying a penny, or prefer podcasts, Spotify would be better for you. In any case, you can try out both of these services, and MusConv will help you with moving your favorite music between these platforms

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